Money Back Guarantee

The Body Care Mart has a policy to build trust of our customers, Our absolute responsibility is to make sure that our customers always gets the product they have ordered, To ensure this we have used special precautionary measures in our delivery channel, However due to any means if the product received by the customer is not what he ordered or has been received in a damaged condition, Customer can immediately return it to the courier person he or she received it from. A product can be replaced with another product only on the condition if the product received has not been opened or used and returned within 48 hours. In a condition where a person requires his money back, He or She has to send in a formal complain at within 48 hours explaining the problem with the product, Our Team will review the issue and will try to either resolve or process the payment back to the individual.

Note: Reimbursement process can take up to 10 days..